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Picture this: you’re on an adventure to London and Paris for just four days. It might sound like a super short trip for two amazing cities with lots of fancy restaurants, museums, theaters, and fun places to visit. But you know what? It’s totally possible to have a great time in London and Paris during a long weekend. Let’s see how!

Planning Your Trip

Here’s the plan: you fly into one city and fly out from the other. In between, you hop on a super-fast train called the Eurostar. It’s like a magical choo-choo train that takes you from one city to the other. You can find tickets from airlines that make this easy. You can use apps to find good deals or ask a travel expert for help.

Cool Tricks for Plane Tickets

Here’s a secret tip: when you fly into London, there are some extra taxes you have to pay. So, it’s often cheaper to fly into London and then leave from another airport. British Airways has special flights from many cities in the United States. You can even use Avios points to make your flight cost less.

Air France is another airline that flies to Paris from lots of U.S. cities. They often have surprise sales with lower prices. You can get updates on these deals from their newsletter, Facebook, or Twitter.

Eurostar Adventure

The Eurostar train is like a superhero train. It goes really fast and takes you from London to Paris in just over two hours. And guess what? Tickets can be as low as $66 for a one-way trip. The train tickets are cheaper on some days, especially in the middle of the week. You can buy your tickets at the train station any time, even on the same day you want to travel. But it’s a good idea to book them around 120 days before your trip to get the best deals.

Timing Is Everything

The best time to book your tickets and hotels is after Thanksgiving and before December 15. You can also find good deals from around January 4 to the end of March. These are times when prices for plane tickets and hotels are lower.

Where to Stay

In London, there are many hotels near St. Pancras International Station. It’s really close to the British Library and the Wellcome Collection, which is a cool museum. You can also stay inside St. Pancras at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. Or, if you want something different, you can check out The Standard.

In Paris, you might want to stay near the famous places like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. A cool new hotel is Hôtel Madame Rêve, which is super close to these famous spots. It’s like you can look out of your window and see them. Another good option is the Renaissance Paris Vendome Hotel. It’s close to the Tuileries Garden and the Louvre museum.

A four-day trip might not be enough to see everything in these cities, but it’s a great start to your adventure! Have a blast!

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