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Allard Laban's Jackbox Games Journey: From the '90s to Now

Hey gamers, get ready for a cool adventure with Allard Laban, the mastermind behind Jackbox Games! We’re diving into the story from the ’90s until now, and trust me, it’s a rollercoaster. The recent launch of The Jackbox Party Pack 10 made waves, making it the perfect time to check out the awesome past, present, and future of this Chicago gaming sensation.

Jackbox Games Blast from the Past: The Jellyvision Days

Guess what? Jackbox Games used to be Jellyvision Games back in the ’90s. Allard Laban, the creative genius, is our guide to the early days when You Don’t Know Jack burst onto the scene. Laban joined Jellyvision after hanging out at Disney, and from there, history was made. The first version of You Don’t Know Jack was like the opening act to the incredible show that was about to start.

Surviving the Dark Times: A Twist in the Tale

Fast forward to the early 2000s, a time of funky consoles and what Laban calls the “dark at the end of the tunnel” for casual games. Jellyvision Games faced some tough times, with layoffs and all. But guess what? They pulled off a makeover, transforming into The Jellyvision Lab. They went from making cool interactive stuff to helping people choose their medical benefits with business software. Talk about a twist in the tale that worked wonders!

Rebirth with Phones and Streaming: Finding the Groove

Smartphones became the superhero in our story. Laban spills the beans, saying, “I think the phone for us was kind of the critical piece.” They did some cool experiments, like using phones as controllers, even teaming up with the not-so-famous Ouya console. And it worked like magic! People started playing together through their phones. Then along came Twitch! Streaming on Twitch became a big part of Jackbox Games’ success. The whole COIN33 community vibe and fun on streaming platforms boosted their popularity like crazy.

What’s Cooking for the Future?

Now that the yearly party packs are a hit, what’s next for Jackbox Games? Laban spills the secrets, saying they’re not going all wild with plans but being smart with their success. Thanks to the pandemic, they started thinking differently about playtesting and trying out new ideas, like using Zoom and cool tools like Mural and Jam board.

And about the future? Laban hints that they’re cooking up “something” that won’t just be another Jackbox Party Pack. They’re exploring different ways to bring people together to play. Even VR and AR have been on the table for discussions. Jackbox Games is taking a chill approach, looking ahead to the next 10 years and figuring out what awesome experiences they can bring to us gamers.

So, fellow gamers, fasten your seatbelts! The journey from the ’90s till now has been a wild ride for Jackbox Games, and the next decade is bound to bring more surprises. Let’s see where the gaming magic takes us!

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