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Beating Nolan with Phoveus: The Ultimate Move!

Nolan is causing a ruckus in the Land of Dawn Mobile Legends, and everyone’s trying to figure out how to counter him, especially now that Cosmic Wayfinder has joined the game. This super quick assassin is pretty scary, dealing massive damage. Once you’ve got Nolan’s moves down, you can take out opponents in the blink of an eye.

But who can match up against this speedy hero? People are searching high and low for the best ways to tackle Nolan, with the introduction of Cosmic Wayfinder. It’s not just about dodging those dashes anymore – there’s a new hero in town, and his name is Phoveus.

The Challenge of Countering Nolan

People are on the lookout for the perfect counter to Nolan, given how he brings the heat with his powerful attacks and speedy moves. Some heroes like Khufra, Kaja, and Minsitthar have been successful in countering fast heroes like Nolan. However, there’s one hero we might be overlooking – the real dash hero predator, Phoveus.

Phoveus Takes the MVP Spot: The Ultimate Counter

Phoveus showed off his skills as Nolan’s ultimate counter in the grand finals of MPL PH S12 when AP Bren faced off against Blacklist International.

In the second game, Blacklist International chose Nolan as their first hero. AP Bren had a plan and quickly selected Phoveus to take on the agile assassin.

Throughout the match, Nolan struggled to make big moves because Phoveus stuck to him like glue, posing a serious threat. Nolan’s dashes have a limited range, and their usage depends on Energy. This allowed Phoveus to relentlessly use his Ultimate, without worrying about going too far from his teammates.

A crucial moment came when Sensui tried to steal the second Lord. Phoveus played a crucial role in ensuring that the Lord grab wasn’t successful. If Sensui had stolen the Lord, the match could have taken a different turn, possibly ending sooner.

Why Phoveus Gives a Hard Time

Phoveus is a nightmare for Nolan due to a few key reasons:

Limited Dash Range: Nolan’s dashes don’t cover much ground, making it easier for Phoveus to keep up and strike.

Energy Constraints: Nolan’s dashes depend on Energy, giving Phoveus the chance to exploit this and keep up the pressure.

Ultimate Dominance: Phoveus’s Ultimate can disrupt Nolan’s moves and change the game.

Strategies for Countering with Phoveus

If you want to make Phoveus your go-to counter for Nolan, here are some strategies to consider:

Stick Like Glue: Phoveus is strong when he stays close to Nolan, limiting his moves and keeping the pressure on.

Ultimate Timing: Master the timing of Phoveus’s Ultimate to disrupt Nolan’s dashes and catch him off SLOT GACOR TERBARU guard.

Energy Awareness: Exploit Nolan’s energy constraints by attacking when his energy is low, limiting his escape options.

Wrapping it Up: Phoveus, the Unbeatable Nolan Counter

Phoveus, with his unique skills and dominance seen in MPL PH S12, is the ultimate counter to Nolan. His ability to stop Nolan’s dashes and keep up the pressure makes him the hero to use when facing the speedy assassin. So, the next time Nolan is on the opposite team, consider bringing out the power of Phoveus to turn things in your favor!

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